Pipe Insulation 3′ (1/2″)


Niagara’s Pipe Insulation reduces heat loss and saves energy. Insulated hot water pipes can raise water temperature by 2ºF-4ºF which allows the homeowner to lower the temperature setting. Pipe insulation also results in quicker wait times for hot water for the shower and faucet, which aids in conserving water.

  • Great for insulating hot water, non-steam pipes
  • Helps prevent freezing, heat loss, stops sweating, and reduces “wait time” for hot water
  • Polyethylene insulation is flexible and easy to install
  • ASTME 84 1″ 25/50 and UL 181 Sections 11.0a16.0.

Product Number: N9010

Product Dimensions: 1/2″ ID x 1/2″ wall x 3′ long

Adjustable: No (fixed diameter)

Max Order Quantity: 3